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About 4F Investment Partners

4F Investment Partners is a leading Israeli consulting and third party marketing firm within the Investment and Distribution areas. The Company has an affinity to the financial assets of the following entities: NATIXIS, LYXOR CIFC.

We offer investment capabilities across all major traditional and alternative asset classes to a wide range of clients (institutional and retail banking market).
We provide clients with high-quality single and multi-asset investment solutions using both active and passive strategies.

4F Investment Partners is focused on finding unique & creative ways to source and distribute asset management products to Israeli institutional and retail clients.
Our goal is to identify the right product solutions for our clients to help them achieve their investment objectives outside of Israel being liquid or Illiquid.

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Our Mission and Values

Entrepreneurial spirit
Our company takes an entrepreneurial approach in a complex and evolving investment industry.
Our team adheres to a high level of moral and ethical principles, providing confidentiality, transparency and reliability for our clients.
Client Centric
We always work for the only benefit of the investor.
Service Excellence
Our company provide services dependably and accurately in a prompt and timely manner, with individualized attention.
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